مدونة عسو: Earn money from your mobile

Earn money from your mobile

Win a lot of etherium daily without having to invest just need to install the application Telegram App in your smart phone.

we have tested this bot and get paid out five times with different amount.

Here is my payment proof

to start wining download Telegram in your smart Phone

after register your mobile number and activate the Telegram you just need to click down link

Ethereum Bot

now click start then every day you will get 0.06 miniEthereum

Tips how to use it 

This is my account you can see i have 66 miniEthereum = 16$ till now 

Ethereum balance is money which you invest or which you get from inviting your friends you can use this to buy mining devices.

miniEthereum balance is money which you earn from your devices which you can withdraw after reaching minimum amount 10min Ethereum.

Proof Payment to see who is withdrawing in daily basis

News Channel to get all news about the bot

Mining here you have to buy your devices as free account you have to select device one to get 0.06mini Ethereum per day.

Factory after buying devices you have to claim your miniethereum if you have free device claim mine ethereum every 6 hours before it reach 0.02

Deposit if you would like to invest to get more money per day,the minimum amount to deposit 0.01 which is now 27$

invite Frriends to get from each one of them 0.001 Ethereum

Payment after reaching minimum amount 10m you can withdraw it from here .

Support to ask bot team if you are facing issus.

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